7 Best Gym in Bali to learn Boxing, MMA, BJJ or Muay Thai

Bali is in constant evolution, and the fighting gyms available on the island are now a reflection of that. With the growing popularity of the UFC and other fighting events, plenty of people are now looking to use their time in Bali to learn a new martial art, to continue training their combat sport during their holidays or simply to have a combat sport retreat on the island of the gods.

If you are new to Bali, if you are preparing a trip in Indonesia, or even if you already live here and are curious about the fighting gym landscape on the island, here is a quick overview of the best gyms in Bali to learn Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or even mixed martial arts.

Mejiro Gym: a legendary Dutch Kickboxing gym now in Sanur

If you have been anywhere near the Kickboxing or Muay Thai world during the past 40 years, then you don’t really need an introduction to the legendary Mejiro Gym.

For the others, Mejiro Gym is the pioneer gym from Amsterdam that blended western boxing, karate kyokushin and Muay Thai into a very effective style of K-1 Kickboxing that would later become known as the Dutch style of Kickboxing.
Several K-1 and Muay Thai legends have been crafted under Mejiro Gym and reigned on K-1 and Muay Thai during the years such as: Rob KamanLucien CarbinPeter AertsRemy BonjaskyAndré Mannaart (current sensei at Mejiro Gym Amsterdam), Roël Mannaart, Brice Guidon or Andy Souwer to name a few.

Needless to say, if you are a fan of the infamous Dutch combinations and their devastating low kicks, there is no better place to learn them in Bali.

Despite their pedigree, you don’t have to be a world champion to discover Muay Thai, boxing or Kickboxing at Mejiro Gym Bali. Everybody is welcomed from pure beginners to pros, and from kids to less young than average. If you don’t want to spar, fitness (Kick)boxing is even offered, on top of pad holding private lessons.

People in recovery can also join the physiotherapy practice and do functional movements sessions with a certified physiotherapist.

If you are in Sanur and want to discover a combat sport or a martial art in a friendly and family-like environment, then you can’t be wrong heading to Mejiro Gym Bali.

Pros of Mejiro Gym Bali

Cons of Mejiro Gym Bali

Group class Price

Regular monthly membership Rp.1.000.000,-
Unlimited monthly membership Rp.1.250.000,-
Major discounts for holder of Indonesian student card & KTP

Private lessons

Per session Rp.400.000,-
10 Classes Rp.3.500.000,-
20 Classes Rp.5.000.000,-

Full Price list

Escobar BJJ: a world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym available in Mejiro Gym Bali facilities

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been a popular sport since its efficiency has been shown to the world during the first UFC.

If you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during your stay on the balinese East Coast, then Escobar BJJ is for you.

Escobar BJJ is also a pioneer BJJ gym in South East Asia that was started by Marco Escobar, a Brazilian living in Malaysia, who used his expertise in BJJ to fight into prestigious MMA organizations such as One Championship in Singapore or Shooto Brazil.

Escobar BJJ lessons are held directly in Mejiro Gym Bali facilities. So if you can’t choose between Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA, great news, you don’t have to!

Pros of Escobar BJJ at Mejiro Gym Bali

BJJ gym with an excellent reputation in Mejiro Gym facilities
Close to Sanur
Private & Group lessons
Kids classes available

Cons of BJJ at Mejiro Gym Bali

Only available in Sanur / Renon / Denpasar area (can be a bit far from Canggu)

Group class price

BJJ drop-in for Mejiro Gym member Rp.175.000,-
BJJ drop-in for non-member Rp.200.000,-
10 Classes Rp.1.500.000,-

Full Price list

Dee Muay Thai: a very popular Muay Thai gym in the Seminyak area

When you talk about Muay Thai in Bali, it’s hard not to mention Dee Muay Thai. The gym, located in the heart of the bustling Seminyak has been a go to for many tourists, locals and expats on the west coast for many years.

Dee Muay Thai is a good gym to get the real Thai style of Kickboxing. They produce good fighters that frequently participate in local competitions. They welcome you whether you are looking to improve your fitness or really want to learn the basics of Muay Thai.

A good true Muay Thai gym to try if you are in the Seminyak area.
Dee Muay Thai

Pros of Dee Muay Thai

Traditional Muay Thai style gym
In popular Seminyak area
Private & Group lessons
Accomodation available
Affordable prices

Cons of Dee Muay Thai

Only available in Seminyak area
Almost exclusively teaches Muay Thai


10 Group Sessions Rp.800.000,-
Unlimited monthly membership Rp.1.400.000,-

Bali MMA: a good place to learn BJJ and MMA on Bali west coast

Bali MMA is a gym located in the bustling Canggu that quickly became a hot spot in the area among Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts aficionados.

If the gym is highly regarded for its BJJ classes, Bali MMA also offers striking lessons such as boxing and Muay Thai.

If you are in Canggu and want to go to an experienced MMA or BJJ gym near you, then you can’t really go wrong by picking Bali MMA.
Bali MMA

Pros of Bali MMA

Good gym for BJJ & MMA
Plenty of fight sports available
Popular Canggu location
Kids classes available

Cons of Bali MMA

Only in Canggu
Not the cheapest gym

Group Class Price

One Group Class Rp.200.000,-
Adult monthly membership Rp.1.950.000,-
Kid monthly membership Rp.1.750.000,-

Private Lessons

Boxing / Muay Thai per session Rp.400.000,-
BJJ per session Rp.750.000,-

Zealot Muay Thai: a famous Jakarta gym now in Berawa Canggu

Zealot Muay Thai is a gym founded in 2011 in Jakarta by former professional fighter Jeremias Abraham and is now available in the very popular Berawa Canggu area.

Similarly to Dee Muay Thai, Zealot Muay Thai is a good option if you want to learn the Thai style of Kickboxing in traditional fashion.

If you are in Canggu and want to discover Muay Thai, then it’s a good place to try it.

Pros of Zealot Muay Thai

Good gym for Muay Thai
Very popular Canggu location
Affordable prices for a gym in Canggu

Cons of Zealot Muay Thai

Only Muay Thai is taught

Group Class Price

One Group Class Rp.150.000,-
Unlimited monthly membership Rp.1.500.000,-

Private Lessons

Per session Rp.300.000,-

Soma Fight Club: a luxury striking gym in the bustling Canggu

Soma Fight Club is a very popular Boxing and Kickboxing gym located in the also very popular Canggu.

Although Soma Fight Club is fairly new compared to most gyms on this list, they have gathered a big community of combat sports enthusiasts that come to their gym to train their fitness, prepare for a fight or both. They also organize fight nights for the ones who want to compete or watch live Kickboxing / Boxing.

Their facilities are clearly a level above your typical boxing gym and include fitness areas and recovery equipment such as saunas or ice baths. If you are in Canggu and have the budget for it, then you can get pampered in between your sessions without leaving the gym!
Soma Fight Club

Pros of Soma Fight Club

Good gym for striking
Several sports available: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Very popular Canggu location
Luxurious facilities

Cons of Soma Fight Club

Very busy gym
Most expensive fighting gym in Canggu

Group Class Price

Daily Kids membership Rp.150.000,-
Daily Adult membership Rp.250.000,-
Unlimited monthly membership Rp.2.400.000,-

Jimbaran warriors: a gym for boxing enthusiasts on the Bukit peninsula

If you are on the Bukit peninsula, do not worry, there are still options for you to train on your Boxing or your Kickboxing. Jimbaran warrior is one of these gyms where you can learn good basics, stay in shape thanks to boxing and even compete in local competitions.

They are located in Jimbaran, which isn’t so far if you are busy surfing Uluwatu, Padang Padang or Balangan the rest of the day.
Jimbaran Boxing Warrior

Pros of Jimbaran warriors

Good gym for striking
Several sports available: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
Accessible location if you are on the Bukit
Friendly prices

Cons of Jimbaran Warrior

Far if you are not in Jimbaran / Bukit area

Group Class Price

Drop-in Rp.75.000,-
Private session Rp.150.000,-
Unlimited monthly membership Rp.600.000,-


When it comes to picking a gym to learn a martial art in Bali, the choice is really yours. Plenty of opportunities are available whether you are in Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak or even Uluwatu.

Get in touch with us if you want to join our gym for a drop-in to learn the Dutch style of Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ or even MMA.

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