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Equipments available for rental

Do you want to go Kickboxing at Mejiro Gym and wonder what you would need to start your training?

Using the right gear is important in kickboxing for your own safety. Low grade material might be cheap but it breaks easily and it could lead to injuries that are expensive to treat, so ensure good quality gear. Ask our employees for advice: we are happy to help you find what you need!
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Why would you need good protection for drilling?

Kickboxing can be done as a cardio workout or as a martial art.

If you choose to do kickboxing as a cardio workout, you will only practice the techniques with the trainer or on a punching bag.

As a form of martial art, kickboxing is used as a technique for sparring / self defense. Which means, you will practice the punches and kicks on each other. Therefore, you would need good padded equipment to defend yourself and to attack without hurting your opponent.

There are equipments availble for protecting your head, shins and your hands. For practice / drilling, all you would need are special hand wraps, kickboxing gloves and shin guards only.

What are Kickboxing Gloves?

If you have experienced that Kickboxing is a really fun sport and you may want to buy your own gloves, the first thing you should pay attention to is the size. The gloves must fit well and be in proportion to your weight, which is why it is best to buy them in a store, not online. If the gloves don't fit properly, they won't provide the right protection.

Kickboxing gloves come in different designs. You can choose a lace closure or a velcro closure. Velcro is the easiest, because then you can easily put them on yourself. That is not possible with laces.

Furthermore, the gloves can be made of PU (nappy leather) or real leather. If they are made of genuine leather, they are expensive, but they last longer and offer better protection. PU materials are the cheapest form made with plastics and less durable. When it is ripped it becomes dangerous for your fingers and the quality of your fist shape. Good protection is important, so we recommend leather gloves or high-quality premium PU quality.
Zeus Gloves Mejiro Equipment
Handwrap Mejiro Equipment

What are Handwraps?

Kickboxing equipment also includes handwraps that you bandage across your wrist, palm and fingers. These strengthen your wrists, absorb sweat, protect your fragile bones in the hand and the palm and ensure that the gloves fit better.

To ensure comfort and good protection pay close attention to the material and to the fit and elasticity.

What are Shinguards?

You will be performing kicks on your sparring partner, the trainer or the punching bag. You absorb the blows with your shins, so you need protection for that. That's why you wear shin guards during training.

These can be made of cotton, PU premium or leather. All offer good protection, but the cheap plastic ones are not allowed in our gym. The choice of one or the other depends on your personal preference, safety is the most important.

You are allowed to try them out in our gym before you buy them. Making sure that it fits your leg is very important. It is not helpful if your shin guards start to twist or shift during training. This will disturb your focus and increase the risk of injuries / accidents.
Shin Guard Mejiro Equipment

What should I wear? 

You might be asking if you should wear a certain type of shirt, pants / special footwear.

You don't need any special clothing for kickboxing. As a beginner, ordinary sportswear is sufficient. You can wear shorts or long pants and a T-shirt.

Make sure that there are no protrusions or zippers on your clothing. You can hurt yourself or someone else. Your clothes shouldn't bother you, it's nice if you can move freely.

You can of course opt for special kickboxing clothing. It is thin and wicks sweat well. Usually has a very good fit and has a slit on the side so you can move and kick freely. But in the beginning this is not necessary. It is enough to wear normal sports clothing.

As for footwear, we do kickboxing barefoot. Shoes are not allowed.

Kickboxing at Mejiro Gym

If you are just starting out with kickboxing, you can rent wraps, gloves and shin guards at our reception. 
Boxing gloves for Rp25.000,-
Shin pads for Rp20.000,-
Hand wraps for Rp10.000,-
Once you are sure that you like Kickboxing, you can buy your own equipments.

You don't have to go far, here in the gym we also keep fresh new stock of fighting gears. Our Mejiro Sport Outlet will soon be available online in Tokopedia. Contact us if you need help with finding suitable wraps, gloves and shin guards, or even mouth guards and kickboxer shorts.
Zeus Gloves Mejiro Equipment
Fairtex Handwrap Mejiro Equipment

Final Tips on Purchasing Kickboxing Gear

If you want to buy kickboxing gear pay attention to a number of important aspects. Of course you don't want to get injured. 
Sweat-wicking and durable materials are indispensable. This includes clothing, gloves and shin guards.
Comfortable bandages / handwraps are also important.
You will understand that kickboxing gloves must meet certain requirements. They protect your wrists and your hands and they absorb the blows.
If you are going to buy them afterwards, pay attention to fit, your weight and material (plastic not allowed), filling / padding and durability.
Do you want to know more about kickboxing or the equipment you need for it? Contact our reception or even better come by in person!

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