Frequently Asked Questions


How safe is training in kickboxing / boxing?

Training in kickboxing and boxing is a lot safer than you think. The risk of being injured does exist, like with every sport, but the bad injuries usually happen during competitions or heavy sparring rounds, which are not a part of our lessons.

How safe is kickboxing / boxing for kids?

Our kids' lessons are very safe. The focus is to learn technique, discipline and respect while having fun. Not everything is about boxing in our kids' lessons, and they do not use the power on each other.

What is the difference between Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai?

All of them are striking sports.

Boxing only uses hands (fists) and only punches above the belt are allowed.

Kickboxing, also called K1, is a sport that can use punches, kicks and knees. Hands techniques are similar to the ones used in boxing.

Muay Thai is a sport that can use punches, kicks, knees but also elbows and clinching.

What level do I need to join the usual Kickboxing K1 & Muay Thai class?

Any level is welcome. However, these lessons are a bit more advanced and more intense than our beginners/fundamental lessons.

Is there any sparring in the kickboxing class?

Yes, a class usually ends with 3 rounds of 3 minutes of sparring. The focus on the sparring is to apply what you previously learnt during the rest of the lesson, not to apply power. So don’t worry if it’s your first time, people will go easy on you.

How many sessions are there in a month for Regular Memberships?

A regular membership gives access to all classes marked with an “R” on the timetable.

What can I expect in a class?

Groups classes: in a group guided by a Mejiro Coach to train and learn specific drills, combinations, position feet and hands and how to move.

Each class starts with a short meditation moment (Mokuso), warming up, stretching and cardio exercises. This is followed by explanation and practice of certain drills.

These are then put into practice during level modulated sparring rounds. Abs exercises at the end of the class and conclude with Mokuso (meditation)

Before taking the class, is it okay to try to join once?

If you want to try a class first, you can train with us by paying a “drop in” price. If you like the training and buy memberships immediately after class, we will deduct the drop-in price.

Are there a lot of accidents and injuries during the kickboxing/Muay Thai class?

Injuries are very rare during our lessons. 80% of the lesson consists of drilling, so you will always know where the hits are coming from and can prepare accordingly for them. Light injuries can sometimes happen, usually on the legs due to incorrect blocking, but you should be back on your feet very fast.

Price / purchases

How to pay for my lesson / membership?

Payment can be made directly by cash at the counter, credit card, or you can wire the amount on our BCA account.

Why is the price different between (WNA) non-resident and (WNI) resident ?

Mejiro Gym Bali uses European standards while being implemented in Bali. 

We want to give back to the local community by making sure they are able to afford our lessons despite salaries that are much lower than in the western world. Hence the discount that they are offered.

Can you help me buy Kickboxing / Boxing equipment?

Yes, our coaches can assist you in buying the equipment you need. You can also directly buy most of it in our gym and get straight to your kickboxing sessions!

What are the difference between Drop Inn & Memberships?

Drop Inn: payment for 1 class

Day Pass: Unlimited entrence to all facility's during a whole day.

Weekly membership: Depending on Membership Regular or Unlimited entrance for one week according time table

Regular membership gives entrance to all classes as mentioned in the timetable and marked as "R"

​Unlimited membership gives entrance to all classes as mentioned in the timetable and marked as "U"


Do I have to spar if I join Mejiro gym Bali?

(Heavy) Sparring is by no means mandatory. If you want to avoid all contact, then heavy bag or cardio boxing is perfect for you. Our fundamental classes and usual lessons do involve 2 or 3 rounds of light sparring that focus on developing the technique and not the power.

Can I compete under Mejiro Gym Bali?

Yes. We are always welcoming fighters who want to make their debut with us, or join a competition as an established fighter.

How safe are Mejiro sparring sessions?

Mejiro sparring sessions are very safe. Although you are sparring in boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai, the point is still to learn from each other and not to chop each other heads off. If you are a total beginner, you can come and expect to have a very friendly welcome from everyone and don’t worry, they will go easy on you.

How often should I expect to be injured if I start sparring?

You should not be injured much, even if you start sparring. Most injuries consist of bruises, especially on the legs, and recover in a few days. Long injuries are very rare and rarely caused by sparring only.

We have our own in-house sport physiotherapist as part of our safeguard system. One free therapy session is included in the regular monthly membership.  

Who decides how hard we can go in sparring?

The coach is the boss in the gym. If he thinks you are going too hard and the situation isn’t safe for both you and your partner, he will ask you to tone it down. Otherwise, the pace is usually decided intuitively based on your level: easy going on beginners and increasingly challenging on most experienced fighters.

Can I come sparring with you if I train in another gym?

Everybody is welcome to our sparring sessions on Saturday 11 A.M.


What is the recommended minimum age to join a fight sport?

5 years old is the minimum to join our kids classes.

What is the minimum age to join the K1 / Muay Thai class?

Kids and teenagers can join us when they are 12 years old or above. If your child is below 12 years old, he/she is welcome in our kid class.

Am I too old to start boxing / kickboxing?

It’s never too late to start a new sport. Our fundamental classes are easy to follow and do not require you to be in your optimum shape. You can also try boxing through heavy bag training or with private lessons to learn at your own pace.

Information about kids classes, how old a kid can join and what are the prices?

Mejiro Kids classes,
(5 - 12 Yrs), are a lot of fun and focus on teaching kids the basics of kick boxing and having fun with fitness!

All participants will engage in age and skill-level appropriate boxing and fitness drills, which includes coordination, cardiovascular and muscle strength, balance, and body control. Our drills also help refine hand-eye connections, following directions, and the mental exercise of learning and applying new skills.

No two sessions are the same, so kids can keep coming back and learning

Kids Class Fee: 
Enrollment fee 100K. 
4 Sessions are IDR. 500.000 valid for 1,5 month(1hour), 
10 Sessions are IDR.1.000.000 valid for 3 months (1hour).
Yearly IDR.6.000.000. 
One time participation or Drop In 150 K.

We operate a waiting list. If your child no longer shows up, we will make room for children on the waiting list.

Kids Class Schedule:
The kids classes are split into two groups:
Beginners (5-7 years) Thursdays 4pm.
Advance (8-12 years) Mondays 3.15pm and Thursdays 4pm

Our Mejiro instructors have experience following a pre-designed curriculum focused on providing age-appropriate skills and drills to get the kids moving, learning, and having fun with fitness!


What should I bring for my first lesson?

Bring a comfortable sports outfit and you’re good to go. All classes are done barefoot.

Mouth guard is not mandatory for fundamental classes, and the other equipment (gloves, handwrap, shin pads…) can be rented or bought directly at the gym.

What glove sizes are required to join Mejiro Gym Bali?

If you have experienced that Kickboxing is a really fun sport and you want to buy gloves, you should pay attention to the size. The gloves must fit well and be in proportion to your weight, which is why it is best to buy them in a store, not online. If the gloves don't fit properly, they won't provide the right protection.

Do I need special shoes to train?

No, all classes are barefoot, but if you do boxing you may bring your boxing shoes, just be sure they are clean. You can leave your sandals or shoes in the locker room.


Can I wear glasses / contact lenses during training?

You can wear glasses during heavy bag / cardio boxing, it's a non-contact training, but all boxing / kickboxing lessons won’t be a great fit for their durability. 

Most people switched to contact lenses during lessons. Try and you’ll see how it works for you. Just keep a spare pair of glasses / contact lenses ready.

Can I wear braces during training?

You can wear braces but it might make it hard to wear a mouthguard. Just tell your partner to be careful and you’ll be good to go.

Should I eat before training?

You should eat lightly before training, so that you’re not too heavy. Avoid going on an empty belly as the cardio can be hard and might make you light headed.


What level do I need to join boxing lessons?

All levels are welcome. Beginners can learn the basics: footwork, guard and punching techniques. The ones more advanced can drill combos, work on their overall evasiveness and techniques alike.

Is sparring involved in boxing lessons?

3 rounds of light sparring are usually involved in our boxing lessons. But do not worry if it’s your first time, the focus is on technique and movement, not power. So people will go light and easy on you if they know you are new.

Are there a lot of injuries sustained in boxing lessons?

Injuries during our lessons are very uncommon. Most of the training consists of drilling, so you always know where the punches are coming from. The focus of each lesson is to improve your technique and movement, not to apply power. Don’t expect to be more injured than other sports: you only get better by training and you need to be in one piece to train.

How old do I need to be to join your boxing lessons?

The minimum age to join our usual boxing lessons is 13 years old. If you are younger than that, then you are welcome in our kid classes.

What is 12x3 Boxing Workout?

12 x 3 boxing work out is a by our coach guided class. 3x3 minutes skipping rope, 3x3 minutes shadowboxing, 3x3 minutes heavy bag and 3x3 minutes sparring rounds or other technical drills.

What is Open Gym?

Open Gym time available for everyone, whether you're a loyal member or a first-time visitor. Here's what you can look forward to:

- *Flexible Workouts:* Choose your own adventure during our scheduled Open Gym times. Whether you're flying solo or teaming up, you have the freedom to tailor your workout to your needs.

- *Full Access:* Dive into our array of facilities, from heavy bags that pack a punch to a suite of fitness equipment designed to elevate your exercise routine.

- *Support On Standby:* While formal instruction isn't part of Open Gym, our expert coaches are on deck to answer questions or offer a tip or two.

Embrace the opportunity to train at your own pace, in your own space. We're excited to see you there!


How safe is the fundamental class?

The fundamental class is very safe. The emphasis is on the technique and no power is applied.

What to expect for the first time in fundamental class?

During your first time, expect to have a big amount of fun, your cardio challenged and to come back with a lot more knowledge than when you came in.

What equipment is mandatory for fundamental classes?

No equipment is 100% mandatory for fundamental classes. You can rent most of the necessary equipment at the gym.


How do I know if I can join the competition training?

Ask the head coach to know if you can join or not. The classes are suitable for those with good command of the fundamental techniques.

You may train with the competition team without the goal of participating in fight matches. However, if you want to join the class to train for future competitions under the Mejiro Team, our head coach expects discipline and will not tolerate quitters.

How hard is competition training?

Competition training trains you for a fight, and a fight is not easy. So our competition sessions aren’t easy either. Expect a lot of cardio and sparring. Endurance and control is the key.

Can kids join the competition training?

Kids above 12 years old that have the coach's approval can join the competition training. Kids below 12 years old have their own competition training.

Can I join the competition training without fighting?

You can join the competition training if you have the coach's approval, even if you are not yet ready or available for fighting. It could be a first step to real competition, a pre-competition situation if you will.

Heavy-Bag fitboxing

How hard is a heavy bag class?

Heavy bag sessions are quite intense since you can work with full power, but don’t worry, the bag doesn’t hit you back, so you can really push it to the maximum. 

It uses the format of interval training, mixing not only punching bags but also various other exercises. Use the motivation of your coach and the energising spirit of the class to burn of those calories and get fit.

Are injuries common in heavy bag classes?

Injuries can happen during a heavy bag class, but they are not common. They usually occur when punching with the wrong technique, which can cause issues in your knuckles and wrists. That is why we teach you proper punching technique and movement, even if you join us just for fun with no intention to fight or even spar.

Why should I join you for a heavy bag class?

Join us if you want to push yourself while learning the best techniques from experienced boxers and kickboxers. Fitboxing is very useful and cross-functional regardless of the sports you practice or your fitness goals.

Weight-loss program

How good are boxing and kickboxing for weight loss?

Boxing, kickboxing and all other striking sports stimulate a lot of your cardio. They are therefore very efficient to lose weight. Contrary to other sports that require a lot of cardio, boxing is very fun and more intense: you can almost forget you are exercising and will want to go back.

Why would I need a coach for losing weight?

Losing weight requires a lot of discipline. It’s much easier to gain weight than to lose it once you have it. A coach will give you a program that is adapted to your needs and objectives, but he will also ensure you stay motivated and disciplined.

Are weight loss programs dangerous?

No, our programs are very safe. They do not consist of magic pills or techniques to magically lose your extra weight. You will sweat and work, like any boxer does. Injuries can sometimes happen, like in any sport, but are very uncommon. Our programs do not involve sparring.

Can I choose what I can do during a weight loss program?

All of our weight loss programs are custom-made. So you can pick activities you favor over others as long as they make sense and can be integrated in your sessions.


What level do I need for BJJ and MMA classes?

Any level is welcome in our class. Whether you are a grappling beginner, a beginner in any martial art or someone more experienced, you will find a lot to learn in these classes.

Is there any sparring involved in BJJ and MMA class?

Short sparring sessions are usually involved in our classes. But the focus is always on the technique and not on the power.

How common are injuries in BJJ and MMA classes?

Grappling is a rather safe sport compared to most other combat sports. Injuries can happen on joints but are uncommon during normal lessons.

Can kids join BJJ and MMA classes?

Kids over 12 years old can join our grappling BJJ & MMA classes.


How can I access Mejiro Gym Bali?

We are located at Jl. Pakis Aji, Gg.V No.3,Denpasar, Bali 80239, Mejiro Gym Bali on Google Maps.

If you come by bike or car, you can park in front of the gym. If you are new to Bali, we recommend you to use the app Gojek or Grab and to get dropped by a driver at the address above.

What languages are spoken in the gym?

We mostly speak English and Bahasa Indonesia in the gym. But since it’s Bali, fighters come from all over the world to train so you might hear a lot of different languages.

Can I buy food and drinks at the gym?

We have supplies of cold bottled water, fresh locally sourced soy milk, coconut water, cappucino and tea. As for food, our gym is surrounded by many restaurants that delivers food through apps like Gojek / GoFood / Grab Food. 

Am I allowed to bring a friend / family that wants to watch the training?

We have a lounge area that your companion can relax in while they wait and watch. We also serve illy coffee cappucino and a selection of BrewMe tea.

However, please keep in mind that during training, we expect no phone calls or loud chatter from the lounge area that can distract the session.

Can I attend trainings at night after work?

Yes, we have night classes that you can attend based on our schedule.


How long in advance can I book a one on one lesson?

The earlier the better. But do keep in mind that canceling fees may apply if you cancel less than 48h before the lesson.

Check out our booking calender in the registration page. It will show you which dates are still available for private sessions. Any private sessions booking will need to be confirmed by a coach beforehand.

Can I decide what I want to do during a one on one lesson?

Yes. If you have a request, something specific you want to work on, let us know and we’ll try to integrate it in a program or a session tailored to your needs.

Can I ask for a specific coach for my private lesson?

Sure, you can ask for a specific coach, but if its schedule is full, you might need to request another one or wait a little longer.

Are all your private sessions at the gym?

Yes, all our sessions are currently held at our gym. We do not do private lessons at home.

How do i book a Private Class?

Private Classes can be booked in advance. Have a preferred day and time? We can then check our booking system for availability

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