Our private Kickboxing or Boxing lessons are perfect for the ones who want extra focus and improve faster or have a private training sessions with only their friends or inner circles.

Our coaches are only dedicated to you during your sessions, so you can have an expert eye to correct your movements and give you extra motivation.
Private Class at Mejiro Bali

Who can join our private lessons?

Our private lessons are open to everyone:
Beginners who need extra focus to learn boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai
People who want to train with pads and not an opponent, non-contact training
A small group of friends who wants a personalised training in-line with their needs and availability
Boxers, kickboxers and nak muay preparing a fight
People who want a personal weight loss program or a functional movement program
Private Kids Class at Mejiro Bali

What do you do during private lessons?

Since a private lesson is tailor-made to the person, it’s possible to do everything and use all the facilities in the gym:
Pad holding to correct the technique, prepare for a fight or increase stamina
Heavy bag to get your cardio to the next level or burn fat
Holding a guard and blocking punches/kicks
Use of the fitness equipment
Basic fundamentals to learn Boxing or Kickboxing the right way
Sparring with high level coaches that can control their power

What you need to join our private lessons

The only thing you need to join a private lesson is a comfortable sports outfit.

Gloves, shin guards, hand wraps and other gear can be borrowed or bought directly on site.
Boxing gloves
Shin pads for
Hand wraps
Private Sessions Cardio Non-Contact
Private Class

Private lessons prices

See price list to see updated pricing or special offers.

Private sessions always have to be pre booked. We provide private sessions to small groups and individuals. All packs are valid for 6 months.

Since it is a personalised program, it involves the booking of one of our coach in advance, cancellation fees apply :

- Free cancellation 3 days or more before due date
- 50% refund for cancellation 2 days prior
- No refund for cancellation 1 day prior, same day or no show.
- Cancellation must be reported in time to the receptionist through WhatsApp / email.

One Session
IDR. 500.000

Five hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah
  • Personalised Dutch style (kick)boxing program according to your level and objective
  • Muay Thai
  • Western Boxing
  • Fight preparation
  • Cardio pad training [no-contact (kick)boxing]
  • Personalised weight loss program
  • Functional movement program
  • By booking only
  • Free cancellation, 3 days prior to scheduled date
  • 50% refund, 2 days prior to scheduled date
  • No refund for No-Show & cancellation 24 hours prior to scheduled date
  • Cancellation must be reported in time to the receptionist by WhatsApp / Email
Valid for 3 Months

Ten Sessions
IDR. 4.000.000

Four million Indonesian Rupiah
Valid for 6 Months

Twenty Sessions
IDR. 6.500.000

Six million Five Hundred Thousand Indonesian Rupiah
BJJ Black Belt Senior Private Class

One Session
IDR. 800.000

Eight hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah
  • Personalised Brazillian Jiu Jitsu program according to your level and objective
  • Competition preparation

group private classes

For Group Private Classes:
2 persons (10 SESSIONS) IDR. 7.000.000
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ     (20 SESSIONS) IDR 9.000.000
4 persons (10 SESSIONS) IDR. 12.000.000
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ     (20 SESSIONS) IDR 16.000.000

Prices Private Classes incl. Tax, boxing gloves and shinshield.

Booking confirmation after 50 % deposit, minimum 1 day ahead on availability. NO REFUND.

If any questions remain please don't hesitate to contact us.

Schedule of our Private lessons

Since private lessons involve the booking of one of our coach in advance, cancellation fees apply:

Free cancellation 3 days or more before due date.
50% charge if the cancellation is 2 days ahead.
100% charge for any cancellation 1 day prior, same day, or no show.

Cancellation must be reported in time to the reception.

Please check if a slot is available before booking. All future bookings must be confirmed by the Head Coach before schedule is confirmed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance can I book a one on one lesson?

The earlier the better. But do keep in mind that canceling fees may apply if you cancel less than 48h before the lesson.

Can I decide what I want to do during a one on one lesson?

Yes. If you have a request, something specific you want to work on, let us know and we’ll try to integrate it in a program or a session tailored to your needs.

Can I ask for a specific coach for my private lesson?

Sure, you can ask for a specific coach. But if its schedule is full, you might need to request another one or wait a little longer.

Are all your private sessions at the gym?

Yes, all our sessions are currently held at our gym. We do not do private lessons at home.

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