My name is Rodrigo 
I am a Coach at Mejiro Gym Bali.

Book a private training session with me or send me a message if you have a specific question for me that you can't find in our FAQ
BJJ Coach Rodrigo Yoshimi
Rodrigo Yoshimi with Dana White, President UFC
Black belt Japanese Brazilian Judo & BJJ Master 
Nickname : Coach, Sensei, Rodrigo
Fluent in : English, Japanese, Portuguese
I Studied Judo at Yamazaki Academy (Master Shigueto Yamazaki) in Sao Paulo and with legends Judo masters In Brazil as Massao Shinohara, Tsutomu Nitsuma, Uchiro Umakakeba.

Collected several titles in Judo:
- 2 x Brazilian national Champion.
- 3 x Sao Paulo states Champion and South America Champion.
- Judoka in the Brazilian National Judo Team.

I Studied BJJ with Master Marcos Barbosa, and Master Takamasa Watanabe in Japan at the Axis Academy in Tokyo.

Trained at Nova Uniao Academy with Andre Perdeneiras (coach of many UFC Champions) there got my Black Belt grade in 2017. As BJJ competitor collected some titles as:

- Asian Open Championship IBJJF champion as brown belt.
- Several IBJJF Opens as black belt adult division.
- Several IBJJF Opens and AJP Tour UAEJJ Champion as black belt adult division.
- 2nd place Brazilian National as black belt master division.
Coaching at Mejiro Gym Bali
I am proud to start teaching Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu at the famous Mejiro Gym in Bali.

Enrollment Opens now, in July 2023. We start teaching at 17 July 2023.

To achieve the best training result, we offer limited classes for a more personalined teaching and learning experience.
A Sneak Peek of my Mejiro Bali Team


Questions-and-Answers with coach Daniel

In Bali, what other activities can I do to improve my performance outside the gym and enjoy Bali at the same time?

I would recommend Jimbaran beach for people who likes white sand beaches, great place for swimming with beautiful sunsets and view of the airplanes landing, the beachfront are also lined with plenty of delicious seafood restaurants!

Do you have a favourite food in Bali, to take before training or unwind after training?

After all day of sweating and training, some days I like to eat creamy foods like spaghetti or pizzas! When my blood sugar is low, I would order a tiramisu from a restaurant in Sanur called Forketta.

Can I specifically book a private session with you? 

Yes you can request a private session with me, simply book a session and write in the details which coach you would like to train with, but keep in mind that the coach might not be available at the time / day that you requested and your booking will be rescheduled.

Having been raised into Kickboxing in a Boxing gym, do you still get nervous in the ring?

Well of course, I still get nervous when I'm in the ring, I think it's a very normal behaviour for everyone, my advice to calm down in the ring is to not think too much on the people watching or the ropes confining you and just focus on yourself, be aware of your defense and counter moves. Another thing, remember to breath, you'd be surprise how many people forget to control their breathing when they're nervous by holding in their breaths. Also, I personally like to listen to music during or before the fight, following the rythm of the music really helps.

Do you have a fighter that you admire and inspire the most?

Ramon 'the diamond' dekker he has a very intimidating style of fighting, for me he is an amazing fighter!

With all the regular sparring and extensive training, what was your worst accidents / injuries?

It would be the muscle tear on my right shoulder. It happened when I was training for a competition. Me and my opponents were fired up for hard sparring and I gave an overhand right and tore my right shoulder.

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