Weight loss program

Our weight loss programs are personalised tailor-made lessons designed specifically to make you lose weight fast and regain your confidence. We use and combine all our knowledge about boxing, fitness and nutrition to make you reach your goals.
Weight-loss Class at Mejiro

Who can join our weight loss program?

Everybody can join our weight loss programs:
People who want to lose extra weight
Fighters who need to lose weight fast for a competition

Those who want to get back into shape after a long period of inactivity

What do you do during our weight loss program?

Our weight loss programs are custom-made, everything is on the table, depending on your current fitness level and your objectives. We can do everything possible in our facilities:
HIIT training using our fitness equipment
Heavy bag Boxing / Kickboxing
Pad work with the coach
Strength training
Endurance work

What you need to join our fundamental Kickboxing / Muay Thai classes

You do not need anything other than a sports outfit and the willingness to lose weight for our weight loss programs. Everything else: gloves, handwraps and other equipment can be rented at the gym.
Weight-loss Class at Mejiro

Price to join our weight loss programs

See price list to see updated pricing or special offers.

Private weight loss sessions are only available by booking only. All packs are valid for 6 months.

Since it is a personalised program, it involves the booking of one of our coach in advance, cancellation fees apply :

> Free cancellation 3 days or more before due date
> 50% refund for cancellation 2 days prior
> No refund for cancellation 1 day prior, same day or no show.


Frequently Asked Questions

How good are Boxing and Kickboxing for weight loss?

Boxing, Kickboxing and all other striking sports stimulate a lot of your cardio. They are therefore very efficient to lose weight. Contrary to other sports that require a lot of cardio, boxing is very fun and more intense: you can almost forget you are exercising and will want to go back.

Why would I need a coach for losing weight?

Losing weight requires a lot of discipline. It’s much easier to gain weight than to lose it once you have it. A coach will give you a program that is adapted to your needs and objectives, but he will also ensure you stay motivated and disciplined.

Are weight loss programs dangerous?

No, our programs are very safe. They do not consist of magic pills or techniques to magically lose your extra weight. You will sweat and work, like any boxer does. Injuries can sometimes happen, like in any sport, but are very uncommon. Our programs do not involve sparring with an opponent unless you choose it.

Can I choose what I can do during a weight loss program?

All of our weight loss programs are custom-made, designed to your endurance level. So you can pick activities you favor over others as long as they make sense and can be integrated in your sessions.

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